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Moving Boxes & Supplies

You'll need a few of these for moving and storage! Life Storage has a complete line of tough, mover-grade moving boxes and packing supplies. Shop online or at any of our storage facilities.

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  • Moving Boxes

    We make boxes build for moving, packing and stacking – tough and dependable construction with easy-lift side handles. Choose from several box styles built for the specific types of things you will need to pack.

    • Small Boxes – for heavyweight items like books, tools, canned goods
    • Medium Boxes – for lightweight items like small appliances, kitchenware
    • Large Boxes – for bulky items like blankets, lampshades and delicate items protected with bubble wrap
    • Wardrobe Boxes – Stand-up boxes with hanger for clothing and closet items

    Shop Boxes at the Life Storage Supply Side store

  • Beware: Grocery Store & Liquor Store Boxes

    Boxes from supermarkets, liquor stores or other food and beverage retail outlets are dangerous for your things. The food odors that remain in the cardboard can attract pests and rodents. For the sake of your belongings and those of your storage neighbors, don't use them!

  • Reusing Boxes: Cardboard Weakens with Time

    As boxes age, they will become weaker in the walls. Before reusing old boxes, be sure they are strong and can stand up to the pressure of stacking one on top of another. During your move and during storage, boxes that collapse can make a terrible mess!

  • Packing Tape & Stretch Film

    Packing tape and stretch film will be essential tools for your moving or storage project. Our durable moving boxes are really as strong as the tape you seal them with – be sure to order a few rolls of Life Storage Crystal Clear Packing Tape. 2mm thick and 2 inches wide, our packing tape is built to take the force of lifted and stacked moving boxes.

    Stretch film is an essential tool for securing items without leaving an adhesive on the surface. Use Life Storage 5" Stretch Film to seal drawers inside dressers or trays or bins that don’t have lids. Stretch film is also a great way to quickly cover and protect fabric surfaces like lampshades and upholstered stools.

    Shop Tape & Film at the Life Storage Supply Side store

  • How Many Rolls of Tape Do I Need?
    • Small Boxes: 13 - 18 (per 60 yard roll)
    • Medium Boxes: 10 - 14 (per 60 yard roll)
    • Large/Extra Large Boxes: 8 - 11 (per 60 yard roll)
    • Smart Boxes: 15 - 20 (per 60 yard roll)
  • The Right Way to Tape Boxes
    1. Fold in the shorter flaps first.
    2. Fold in long flaps. Secure them with three strips of tape across the center and down three inches from the box top.
    3. Place two more strips across the center in the opposite direction.
  • Bubble Wrap

    Help protect your delicate items with one or two layers of Bubble Wrap. Life Storage offers two styles of this great little packing invention – Original and Heavyweight. Original Bubble Wrap is suitable for creating a protective layer between glass, porcelain and ceramic dishware or decorations. With larger bubble cells, Heavyweight Bubble Wrap is made to protect bulkier items like blender carafes and glass mixing bowls.

    Shop Bubble Wrap at the Life Storage Supply Side store

  • Protective Covers

    Furniture, bedding, electronics and other large items often require a little extra protection for moving and storage. To keep these items clean and resistant to damage from dust, dirt, moisture and mold/mildew; our various protective covers are a must-have for your moving and storage project.

    • Chair Covers – fits chairs up to 42" x 42”
    • Sofa Covers – for sofas up to 46" x 134"
    • Mattress Covers – two styles for twin/full and queen/king size mattresses
    • Flat Screen TV Covers – foam covers for TVs up to 65" wide

    Shop Protective Covers at the Life Storage Supply Side store

Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies Guide

Packing up your home means you need more than just a few boxes; you'll need tape, bubble pack, and newsprint, as well. To ensure you have all the packing supplies you need, consider purchasing moving supplies from Life Storage, using the charts below as reference.

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One Bedroom

  • Small Boxes 8
  • Medium Boxes 4
  • Large Boxes 2
  • XL Boxes 1
  • Wardrobe Boxes 2
  • Packing Tape Rolls 3
  • Bubble Pack Rolls 1
  • Newsprint Boxes (10 lb.) 1
  • Dish Kit 1

Two Bedroom

  • Small Boxes 10
  • Medium Boxes 6
  • Large Boxes 3
  • XL Boxes 2
  • Wardrobe Boxes 3
  • Packing Tape Rolls 4
  • Bubble Pack Rolls 1
  • Newsprint Boxes (10 lb.) 1
  • Dish Kit 1

Three Bedroom

  • Small Boxes 14
  • Medium Boxes 8
  • Large Boxes 4
  • XL Boxes 3
  • Wardrobe Boxes 4
  • Packing Tape Rolls 5
  • Bubble Pack Rolls 2
  • Newsprint Boxes (10 lb.) 2
  • Dish Kit 1

Four Bedroom

  • Small Boxes 16
  • Medium Boxes 10
  • Large Boxes 5
  • XL Boxes 4
  • Wardrobe Boxes 5
  • Packing Tape Rolls 6
  • Bubble Pack Rolls 3
  • Newsprint Boxes (10 lb.) 3
  • Dish Kit 2

Not sure how many boxes to buy? Use the guide above based on the size of your home or apartment. Don't forget tape, bubble pack, newsprint and our other handy packing supplies that make your move easier and help protect your belongings. You can buy all of the moving and packing supplies you see listed above at any Life Storage location.