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Business & Commercial Storage Units for Rent

We have several ways to help businesses grow, become more efficient, and save on expenses related to the space you need to succeed.

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Business Storage Cost Calculator

How much will renting storage cost your business? Rates vary with size and location. Use this calculator to estimate!

Square Feet = $/mo.


How Businesses are Using Storage Units

Retail Storage

Retailers utilize our storage units to expand capacity for inventory, seasonal point-of-sale displays, and for renovations in their showrooms.

With small business booming again, retailers are finding our service to be a great solution for expanding crowded stock rooms and avoid moving their business to larger accommodations.

Many retailers use storage units for short-term surges in the inventory they need for peak shopping seasons. Our rentals are month-to-month, making it easy for retailers to come and go as the season demands.

Climate controlled units are preferred to keep inventory and packaging in like-new condition.

Most Common Storage Units for Business Customers

  • 10x20 Storage Unit (200 - 249 square feet)
  • Climate Controlled
  • Premium Location for ease of loading and unloading
  • Month-to-month rental term

Find a Storage Unit for Retailers

Need 10 or more commercial storage units for your business?

Explore National Accounts

National Accounts – Commercial Storage Units in Multiple Locations

Our team can help commercial businesses find and manage their inventory at over 10,000 storage locations in the US.

We take away the burden of managing a storage warehouse or multiple storage units for your team.

Renting a warehouse or a commercial storage unit is somewhat old-fashioned in a modern world. If you need more convenience and oversight of your business's use of storage in multiple locations, we have the solution you've been waiting for.
  • Consolidated leasing and billing.
  • Quickly rent at over 10,000 U.S. locations.
  • Customer success team supporting your account.
  • Grant, change or deny access for employees and field reps.
  • Support for cost center and custom expense codes for your ERP system.
  • Online portal for visibility on all of your storage rentals, field rep permissions, invoices and payments.

Let us do the work for you:

  • Find 10 or more storage units most anywhere in the US
  • Pricing and recommendations for locations, storage unit sizes, and access controls Demo our online portal
  • Discuss your special requirements for billing and ongoing program maintenance
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A Place to Do Business

Some of our locations offer specialty spaces fit for retailers, small businesses with warehousing needs, or startup businesses that need flexible office solutions.*

It's Easy to Operate your Business at Life Storage

  • Flexible Lease Terms
  • We Offer Private, Turnkey Office, Retail, and Flex Space
  • Build-out and Small Commercial Warehouse Opportunities
  • Competitively Priced Monthly Rates
  • On-site Property Management with the Shared Amenities you Need
  • Explore Options
  • * Our commercial spaces are suitable for daily business operations, and require a commercial lease and a minimum level of business insurance. Standard storage unit rentals may be used for storage of business supplies/inventory only. Commercial space features, fees, and amenities vary by location - see our listings for details.

Vehicle & Trailer Storage for Business

Businesses using trailers, towed equipment, trucks or other vehicles as large as an RV or Bus find storing or temporarily parking them at Life Storage more convenient and cost effective.

Trailor storage

Trailer Storage

If you tow equipment for your business on a trailer, park it overnight or month-to-month and free up valuable space at your home or place of business.

Truck & fleet storage

Truck & Fleet Storage

Generously-sized parking spaces can accommodate trucks and fleet vehicles up to 40 feet in length. Park month-to-month and access it any time.

Access Every Day

Access Every Day

Many customers pick up their vehicles in the morning and return them to their spaces in the evening. You and your team will get personal access codes to enter.

24/7 Surveillance Systems

24/7 Surveillance Systems

To help keep your vehicle protected, our properties offer a fenced and gated access point with the interior grounds monitored by surveillance cameras.