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Wine Storage Units

Life Storage understands the storage space needs of wine collectors and wine makers, and the great pride you take in your wine. We offer climate controlled wine storage units in a variety of sizes for your collection.

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Life Storage Wine Storage Features

  • Our wine storage units are designed specifically to provide the ideal storage solution for wines.
  • We have wine storage facilities no matter the size of your wine collection, from small case lots to the largest restaurant requirements.
  • Life Storage security measures give you the ability to properly secure your wine in your storage unit, with electronic access controls, surveillance monitoring and more.
  • The Right Conditions for Wine Storage*

    For optimum quality, your wines should be stored at 55-58°F, with 65-70% humidity. High air quality is also crucial, as the cork slowly breathes during wine storage. Your home typically cannot provide the conditions needed for proper wine storage. Life Storage has created the ideal conditions at our wine storage facilities.

  • Climate Control — Temperature and Humidity*

    Life Storage has refrigeration equipment dedicated to our wine storage units, separate from other unit heating and cooling systems. As humidity fluctuations can impact your wine's flavor, we offer humidity control systems in our wine storage units as well.

  • Lighting Control*

    Wine storage units feature motion-activated lighting so your wine is exposed to a minimum amount of ultra violet light. Minimizing the effects of light exposure during wine storage enhances the quality.

  • Enhanced Security*

    Closed-circuit TV systems monitor the wine storage units at Life Storage. Entrances are protected by password-protected security systems at both the building and storage area. The wine storage unit also has an integrated lock further enhancing the security of your wine collection.

*Contact Life Storage for more information on wine storage unit availability. Lights, controls and security features vary by facility. All systems may be subject to service interruptions for maintenance.